How do you go about creating a GeoNickel do you ask? Well here is what I did to create mine.

1) I created a theme. I chose a picture of a truck because it goes along with my username on and also I called the Wooden Nickels a "GEONICKEL" which I placed under the truck picture.

2) I wanted to create the front to reflect the great adventure of GeoCaching so I decided to put the geocaching logo with ""let's go geocaching" along with now using the logo required me to seek permission to use the copyrighted logo and name, so Bryan at groundspeak gave me that permission through an Email which is a very simple process. DO NOT USE THE LOGO WITHOUT PERMISSION.

3) I contacted the
Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. Through their web site and emailed the artwork attaches to an email, the text portion is sent on the order form on their website.

4) Old Time Wooden Nickel Co. Faxed me the coin design for approval which I was able to make a few corrections and gave it my ok.

The whole process takes about two weeks I received the GeoNickels and now have a signature item that was cheap and easy to carry on the great adventures of GeoCaching.

Join in on the great family adventure of GeoCaching click the logo above to join in.

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